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What is Fat Grafting?

Located in Sugar Land Texas and serving Fort Bend County,
Pearland, Katy, Galveston and the surrounding Houston community.

Fat grafting, fat injection, or fat transfer is a procedure where Dr. Humble uses your own fat, typically taken from your stomach or hips, to use as a filler in areas where you lack volume (usually in your face). Fat transfer/ grafting can be used to augment your face to improve your cheek bones, increase the size of your lips, improved scars, augment your laugh lines, or improve the guant/ hollow look. Fat transfer, however, is not limited to one’s face and can be used to augment area of ones body.

Fat graft/ fat transfer procedure:

Fat grafting involves two procedures. In the first procedure, fat is harvested from your own fat in your hips, buttocks, or stomach. This is typically done under local anesthetic. The fat is removed with canulas/syringes and then processed. The second procedure is the injection of fat into the areas of concern.

If you are interested in asking questions or discovering what fat grafting can do for you, email us or schedule your free consultation by calling 281-313-0555.

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